The Canadian Snowbird

“Special note: in late February the Covid 19 coronavirus hit North America, and by early March 2020 the signs were clear. GO HOME! That information has now been corroborated by the Canadian government. Go home! As quickly and as safely as you can. “

Blizzard On The Road

Welcome to the Canadian Snowbird. If you are already one, you know what the term means.

If you are not already one a Canadian Snowbird is a Canadian citizen that has had enough, and heads South for an extended period of time each year to escape the gray, the dirty white, the insane driving,  the freezing rain and the often bitter, sub-zero and miserable cold of a typical Canadian winter.

Fast-Track Your Planning

This site was created to allow others interested in becoming snowbirds a fast-track to bypass some of the hurdles that can present themselves as you prepare for your extended Southern stay.

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Your Comments & Advice are Welcome!

Many of the pages are crafted to allow comments and suggestions from other Canadian Snowbirds. We welcome their input, their experiences and their stories on the appropriate pages of this information website.

Welcome. Join the ranks and fly South each year to escape the endless Canadian winter. Become a Canadian Snowbird, and use the information on this website to make your planning and your journey as uncomplex as possible.

Driving south through a snowy treescape

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