A Canadian Buying A Home In Florida

If you are a Canadian buying a home in Florida, or planning to,  the process has a number of complications that were unexpected.

If you are considering buying your Snowbird Home instead of renting, here is the process we went through.

Why bother buying a home in Florida?

Why be a Canadian buying a home in Florida, or in Texas, or Arizona, and so forth?

Five years ago we decided that we would never buy a home in Florida. Being forced, through property ownership, of having to make the same old place our annual Snowbird destination did not appeal to us.

We still wanted to be a bit footloose, able to decide that next year we might go to… where? Exactly. We could go anywhere, not being tied down to a specific location because we were Canadians owning a home in Florida.

A Canadian buying a home in Florida - hiking couple - www.canadian-snowbird.com

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Five years later we have lost our annual rental three times.  The circumstances were beyond our control. The landlord sold our rental, the landlord decided they were selling our rental (a very common occurrence) or health concerns of the landlord made them decide that the next year, they were not going to rent at all, to us, or anyone.

We became very tired of having to spend enormous amounts of time during this Snowbird trip looking for a satisfactory rental for the next year.

It also dawned on us that were coming back to the same area of Florida each year because we liked it! We realized that we were not ever going to spend three months in the South of France or the Costa del Sol.

Nope, we like Florida. We like it a lot, and the thought of coming back to this same location every year for the foreseeable future is now just fine by us.

A Canadian Buying A Home In Florida - Near Daytona Beach - www.Canadian-Snowbird.com

Near Daytona Beach, Florida

So we decided to look into buying a property in Florida.

And we thought you might be interested in the decision making, and buying process. So here is a list of pages that have to do with being a Canadian buying a home in Florida.

More to come…. please check back.


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