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Hi fellow Snowbirds. We’re certainly getting very tired of not doing much, or travelling anywhere since this whole Covid mess began, and continues, on a world-wide basis.

For the present at least we’ll have to be content with, after being double vaccinated and staying very Covid-protocol aware, travelling to and taking in smaller events. Some local, some perhaps in other cities. Time and Covid will dictate much of to where and when we go.

I thought that some of these experiences might be of interest to others in similar situations (retired, and tired of sitting around doing nothing) so a list begins below as links to specific pages about that experience that might prove of interest.

If you’ve done something of interest that you would like to provide details on, please add a comment with your email address (no one else will see it, I assure you) and I’ll contact you via email so that you can send details, photos etc., if you wish to have your page of info on this A Snowbird Travels To page.


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