Are we going south in the winter of 21/22?

September has rolled around, as it always does, and we’re glad to be here to see it happen again! What now? Do we have Snowbird plans? For us, is Florida in the offing as our Snowbird destination for this Canadian winter season?

The d**ned Covid disease is still wreaking havoc around the world, and though many of us have both vaccines now, for which we are very thankful, the possibility exists still that we may catch Covid due to emerging strains.

Also, since we tend to drive, the U.S. border is still closed to non-essential vehicular traffic heading south. Evidently, it’s the border guards that decide what is an “essential trip”, and if you guess wrong, you’ll be turned around, and then have to jump through the hoops to reenter Canada, as once you get into the “gray area” between border crossings, evidently, you are no longer in either country.

I’m reading reports that Canucks coming back to Canada by car are facing significant fines if their preparation for return isn’t up to Canada’s snuff, but then, how does one caught between two borders for the space of less than an hour, deal with this?

Don’t know at this point. Still checking. Stay tuned.


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