At what price,Florida covid insurance?

We received an email from our historical travel insurance supplier the other day. Good news, it said. They’ll insure us for travel to the U.S. to give us help in the event we contract Covid.

That’a relief, as the second biggest stumbling block for us to go to our Snowbird home for a good portion of the winter is if we can be insured against contracting Covid 19.

That carrier provided a link to their own proprietary “insurance risk indicator” for various countries around the world. If course, we dialed in Florida.

insurance risk indicator

Insurance risk indicator

This indicator shows their perception of the situation in Florida in late September 2020.

The fact is, all indicators there now (Florida Dept. Health, CDC stats etc) show that the “tendency” in Florida today is that the risk of Covid 19 is, once again, increasing, and not stable at all.

It’s a guide of course, and the rubber will hit the road when we decide when we’re going what the actual cost of the Covid rider will be. More on this as it develops.

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