Best Snowbird Destinations

What are the best Snowbird destinations?

Of course, the destination you decide to visit to overwinter and avoid the horrid Canadian winter will be subject to many personal perspectives.

Yet, there are issues pertaining to all potential locations that will help decide the best Snowbird destinations.

Here are a few of what we feel are the important criteria for all to consider. Then, once you have narrowed down the destination list for your Snowbird overwintering, apply your own criteria to further narrow the list. Ultimately, you will have the best snowbird destination for you and your significant other.

 Things to consider about the Best Snowbird Destinations -

No! We are trying to get away from this stuff!

  • Financial Cost
  • Overall Historical Weather
  • Language Spoken
  • Culture Shock
  • Overall Snowbird Security

Financial Cost

Can you afford to travel where you would like to spend your Snowbird time?

Each of us have their own financial situation and have a certain amount of money available to spend on other than just survival. Things to be considered about the financial cost on your Snowbird destination include:

  • travel cost to and from the Snowbird destination
  • costs to travel home should an emergency occur there while you are away
  • cost of travel health insurance (a must have)
  • any other expenses when travelling – wheelchair, special transport, special services required etc.
  • real cost when exchange is taken into account

Another thing we always consider about a Snowbird destination is the weather.

Overall Historical Weather

For us the paramount issue about the best Snowbird destination is the overall weather patterns.

When the snowy blows of a Canadian winter come roaring down from the North like a herd of polar bears, that lousy weather can affect the weather in your Snowbird location.

Certainly, in the last few years, winter clippers and – what’s that other term? Oh yes, polar vortexes – have driven unusual cold right down into Northern Florida, frozen much of the other gulf states, and forced folks over-wintering in parts of Texas to wear snow coats. That’s something Snowbirds do not want to do.

Here is more about considering the overall weather when selecting a snowbird destination.

What’s next? Well, one of the things we always consider is the language spoken?

Language Spoken

Do you speak many languages? In particular, do you speak the local language of your snowbird destination?

Going on holiday for a week or two to a foreign land and not speaking the local language is, in our opinion, sort of fun. Yet we feel the fun becomes wearisome when we are trying to communicate over a number of months. This needs to be considered when selecting your snowbird destination.

Here is more information about how language affects your Snowbird destination.

What about culture shock?

There are things about visiting a foreign land that make staying there difficult. More on Snowbird Culture Shock here.

Overall Snowbird Security

Here are things to consider about this.

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