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The fall of 2020, along with the threat of winter coming has another threat that continues. It’s the Covid virus, currently still running rampant throughout many states in the U.S. and including our Snowbird destination, Florida.

This Canadian Snowbird Florida Blog, written from the perspective of this Canadian Snowbird, shares our thoughts about Covid and the Covid threat lurking in the sunshine state..

At the same time, it’s also a way for you to add your thoughts and frustrations about the Covid situation in your Snowbird destination by using the comment feature at the bottom of each page, if you so wish.

A link to the latest blogs can be found at the top left of every page.

Where the blog list is on Canadian Snowbird

The latest blog list  on Canadian Snowbird is found top left of every page, as seen in this graphic. 

Or, here’s a list of all of the blog pages, the latest being #1 at the top, older ones are farther down the page in order of publishing. If you get the chance to read any of them, and wish to add a comment, you are certainly welcome to do so.


  1. Only 4 weeks until we head to Florida.
  2. Herd immunity in Florida and the U.S.?
  3. The real toll from the escalating Covid case count in Florida.
  4. How sad. I don’t believe them!
  5. Can people really be so callous?
  6. Why some Snowbirds have to head south this winter, despite Covid 19.
  7. Florida positivity rate creeping up, and this before the “no restriction” bar and restaurant opening
  8. Restaurants and bars opening up in Florida in September
  9. At what price Covid travel insurance
  10. Can we still go to Florida
  11. Locals tell us what it’s like in Florida today
  12. Some American Snowbirds are flocking south soon
  13. A straw pole about Canadian response to travelling during Covid
  14. The first post – Covid thoughts by a Canadian Snowbird


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