Here’s an opportunity to list your own property for rent in Snowbird country. At the request of visitors we have added this page on which folks with rentals in  Snowbird country, not just Florida, but other destinations, can offer their properties FOR RENT at no cost.

As always, there must be rules for posting, and they are:

1)  You, the property lister and the information recipient agrees to absolve and hold this Canadian Snowbird site, the owner(s) of the site, or any organization related to this Canadian Snowbird site of any responsibility, in perpetuity, for the reliability of the property lister, the accuracy of the details of the lister’s contact information or of any property offered herein, or any other issue relating to a listing on Once again, if you post on this site or contact a rental property owner using the information found on this site, you do so with complete knowledge and acceptance that you are first absolving this site the owner(s) of the site, or any organization related to this Canadian Snowbird site for any responsibility for the listing or information found herein.

2)  The property lister must include in their listing this information:

  • a photo of the property being rented
  • the date(s) the property is available and for how long
  • the complete address of the rental property
  • all rental fees or costs relating to renting this property
  • whether the property being rented is owned by, or is a sub-let of the person renting it
  • lister’s complete contact information including the lister’s complete personal name, their cellular number (with country code if out of country and including the area code if domestic) and their complete and accurate email address

All submisstions will be reviewed prior to them going live, and if any information is missed on the listing, it will be removed. No listing offering a property for sale will be allowed at this time. Any submission can be denied listing for any reason at the discretion of

Please note: if a location offered is longer available, it is the original lister’s responsibility to add a comment to their listing advising that fact, and in due course their listing will be modified or removed at the convenience of this site. does not charge for this service, nor does it receive any renumeration from any lister for the opportunity of adding a listing here.

Please add your listing or review the listings in the comment section below.

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