Do You Have An Extra Million For Delivering Your Baby

This is not a rhetorical question. We wonder – do you have an extra million for delivering your baby?

A young Canadian couple, travelling in the United States on holiday in October 2013, had an early birth scenario, spent time in hospital with the baby having to be placed in intensive care for an extended period, and at the end of that experience, the hospital’s assorted billings totalled almost one million dollars.

And the kicker? According to CTV news, Blue Cross is refusing to pay any of the amount, arguing that the mother had a pre-existing condition.

The unfortunate couple swear they did nothing wrong, were up-front with the insurer, the pregnancy was not considered high-risk, and the early onset of labour was caused by an unexpected and non-related health issue.

As a result, “the family is now trying to decide if they should fight Blue Cross, declare bankruptcy, or wait and see what happens.”

Information for this page was obtained from an on line CTV news report: Staff
Published Tuesday, November 18, 2014 8:29AM EST
Last Updated Tuesday, November 18, 2014 9:47AM EST

Be Upfront When Getting Health Insurance

Don’t take a chance. Ensure that you have adequate health insurance any time you travel outside of your home Province, and always be up front and honest about any health conditions you may have.

Being honest about your health when acquiring health insurance may increase your premium but really, is a few hundred or thousand dollars better than a $1,000,000.00 health bill? We sure think so. When we say you need to have extensive travel health insurance to spend time in the U.S., we are not kidding.

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