Florida opens restaurants with no restrictions – a good idea?

I was quite surprised today to see the following:

Florida, hard hit by coronavirus this summer, will reopen bars and restaurants with no restrictions Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida was moving into Phase 3 reopening on Friday, lifting all restrictions for restaurants and bars.


This from a state with almost 700,000 cases on record and with almost 44,000 persons hospitalized since this began, that and the fact that by their own statistics the numbers of cases are trending upwards again, does it make sense that the governor would relieve restrictions on bars and restaurants and put even more folks at risk?

It seems to be so, at least for this avowedly Republican governor, one who’s President truth does not recognize, and one who apparently drinks from the Kool Aid of false and mis-information served repeatedly by that President. This, in opposition to the recommendations of the scientists who are qualified to make recommendations about how to start to minimize the horrors of Covid 19 foisted upon those not fortunate enough to receive a mild infection from the lottery of viral infections.

One shakes one’s head in disbelief.

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