Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted limits on indoor seating at restaurants.

In his drive to return the state to normalcy, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted limits on indoor seating at restaurants, saying they can operate at 100% in municipalities with no restrictions and that other local governments can’t restrict indoor seating by more than 50%.

In some of Florida’s touristy neighborhoods, patrons have since been flocking to bars and restaurants, filling terraces, defying mask orders — drawing mixed reactions from business owners and other customers.

Source: ABC News

How do you feel about this?

It seems that the news about Covid 19 in Florida continues to be bad, the case trend is up, and now, risk of exposure is skyrocketing due to the indifference or selfishness of those uncaring about their neighbours and friends health.

Can it be possible that the country that built itself on an immigrant philosophy can turn away from others so completely?

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