Hmmmm. I wonder. Can we still go?

Further to my post yesterday, more information has arrived on wings of electrons via the computer from friends and acquaintances living at our mobile home park in Florida. Essentially, they say “come on down”.

What’s their reasoning about flaunting the Covid 19 pandemic as it continues to hammer Florida and many other U.S. states? Please see the graphic below. It’s the chart displaying the Covid situation in Florida on September 12, 2020. With a consistent new case count of over 1,500 persons per day, it’s still not looking great. Also, if you have read the fine print, all the numbers are really just estimates, and may hold no position of truth or credibility. Nevertheless, the trend seems pretty clear even with limited accurate stats.

Floridas Covid 19 cases os of September 12, 2020

Florida,s Covid 19 cases os of September 12, 2020
Data: Fla Dept Health

Even with this info, however, friends in our park are saying “come on down”?

On deeper thought, maybe their suggestion has merit.

At home in Canada we are pretty much isolated by choice, seeing no one at our home up close and personal. Visitors are relegated to the patio where we have a gathering, with everyone at least 2 metres apart (usually a lot more) and with no physical contact at all.

Why cannot we continue the same in Florida?

If we only go to stores where social distancing and masks are required (for food etc.), and if we hunker down in our Florida home without interfacing with anyone closer that two metres, why not?

Hmmmm. We’ll see. You guys?



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