How sad. I don’t believe the Florida Dept of Health stats!

Like many Snowbirds, I expect, we watch the Covid case count in Florida closely as what happens there regarding Covid will have a huge impact on whether or not we’re able to escape the Canadian winter this winter season, and drive off to sunny Florida for that period.

Two things affect that. The first is, the case counts in Florida.

They are dropping. That’s good, yes? But, we wonder, how can that be, with the restaurants and bars (of which there are many and typically well attended) not requiring any kind of Covid prevention for well over a week now?

Here are the stats as of today, provided by Florida’s Dept. of Health. Just over 1,400 new cases on October 4.

Florida Covid count as of October 4 2020

Florida Covid count as of October 4 2020

Florida Dept. of Health statistic chart is now showing a distinct down trend in new cases over the last few days, this despite the state having rampant case increases when Covid restrictions were in place. Now, with all restaurants and bars open for business with no restrictions, how can it be possible that the case count is going down?

Given that the state governor is staunchly Republican (at least, reported so by those there, since we’re just looking from afar) and given that the U.S. Republican clan appear criminally inept in actually taking steps to mitigate and resolve Covid in many locations throughout the U.S., we can come to no other conclusion except to believe that pressure from the Republicans and their governor in Florida is rendering the Florida Dept. of Health current case counts  false.

It has to be that or that testing has been so reduced that even though the case count is climbing, no accurate track is being made.

Are the new Covid case counts in Florida valid. Sadly, I don’t believe the Florida Dept. of Health statistics.

The other factor affecting our fleeing to warmer climes this winter is the fact that, unless we are flying, there’s no other way to get there, as the Canadian to U.S. border is still closed.

That’s a bother for sure, but really, until things are honestly stabilized in Florida, that we can’t drive there right now is moot. What say you?


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