I don’t want a vaccine!

While I personally don’t understand the issue with the Covid vaccine given that literally billions of people have been treated with it, and it’s proven to be effective in reducing the severity of the virus if and when it’s caught, for folks that don’t want to take it, that is still their perogative.

If you and yours are that way inclined, it seems to me that Florida or other southern states are the right places to go for the winter.

For example, the governor of Florida appears firmly against systemic efforts to reduce the impact via vaccinations and apparently avoids helping residents and visitors to maintain a safe distance should they prefer.

Further, it seems lots of folks in Florida are, too, against taking the vaccine and efforts to mitigate the impact.

Similar thoughts can be had about Texas, and Arizona and so on.

Having myself been subject to delay in medical intervention due to backlogs in the health care system caused  the influx of very ill Covid patients desparate for medical help, I am puzzled by some folks desire to ignore all of the advice from around the world that suggests strongly that an immunized citizen is less likely to require dramatic medical intervention should that unfortunate become afflicted.

Nevertheless, it is still the right of individuals to choose for themselves.

Due to their bent towards no Covid protocols, going to to Florida or other southern destinations for the winter can be a choice for those who are less concerned about exposure to Covid.

There are caveats however.

Driving to the U.S. will, when the border finally reopens, be more and more problematic for those without vaccine proof.

Those without vaccinations will find that the premiums for health insurance (a must have for travelling internationally) will likey escalate or be unavailable.

Coming back into Canada will become increasingly difficult for those who have no proof of multiple vaccine injections prior to their arrival. If not just  in delays, financial impact may be severe.

Good luck to you should having no vaccinations  be your choice, and safe Snowbird travels to you.


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