Nope. Not going to Florida this season.

Despite the fact that there appear to be a couple of promising Covid 19 vaccines on the horizon, smart money will bet that those medicinal interventions will not reach us “rank and file” folks until long after the politicians, wealthy, and, we hope, front line workers get vaccinated. That, coupled with the fact that Florida has seen almost 10,000 new cases of Covid in each of the last two days has convinced us. Nope. Not going to Florida this season, for sure!

With a population of about 21 million, and the total Covid 19 case count in Florida rapidly approaching 1,000,000, that means that almost 5% of the entire population of this state has died from, has it now, or had it and has recovered from Covid 19.  5%! This comes almost 8 months after the Covid pandemic threat became common knowledge and still the case count rockets upwards indicating to me at least that many folks in Florida don’t seem to believe that the threat is real, or don’t care enough about themselves and their fellow humans to protect each other from catching the virus.

Further, this Snowbird doesn’t see it getting any better for the Florida population until well into the late second quarter of 2021 when one hopes that a Covid vaccine is widely available for all, and that it is effective. That shuts us out from driving south to enjoy the Florida warmth during the 2020/2021 Snowbird season.

Yesterday we canvassed a bunch of friends that are seasonal Snowbirds too. All of them, barring two couples that have opted to fly down already are not going south this season either.

Sad, but you know, our unhappiness about not being able to Snowbird to Florida pales in comparison to the real suffering and anguish that so many in Florida and in the U.S. are experiencing daily. Good luck to you all. Our best wishes for your future, from afar.

Thus ends this blog.

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