Only 4 weeks until we head for Florida!

Only 4 weeks until we head for Florida… I would say in almost any other year. We’d be starting to gather the “stuff” needed for the trip and for our arrival in our Snowbird home.

But, we’re not going our regular time this year.

The Covid case count in Florida is climbing again this week of October 19, 2020. With thousands of folks finding out that they have Covid each day in our Snowbird state and with over 50 souls lost to this disease last week in Florida, oh my, it sure doesn’t seem to be getting any better there.

On a positive note, when we watch news reports from Florida we can see that lots of folks are wearing masks. That’s good. On a negative note we also see that lots of folks aren’t, and we’re not sure why. Is it possible that some people still don’t believe that this virus can infect them?

Sure, lots of folks have gotten Covid and come through relatively unscathed. But then, lots of folks have got it and died. Many of whom have recovered are still suffering from the disease weeks and months after they “recovered”.

Since we’re squarely in the demographic that says catching it will not bode well for us, we’re going to stay hunkered down and ride this until it clears. And then, we’ll be packed and on our way within a day or two of that and that’s for sure. It’s getting cold here.


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