Snowbird Rental Listings

This page contains a variety of snowbird rental listings, listings that we have used over the years to find and ultimately rent our Snowbird destination.

With this list of Snowbird rental listings comes our experiences on each.

But first, let’s not forget why we’re looking at a Snowbird destination – we want to get away from this:

Snowbird rental listings - we are trying to get away from this - a snowplow on a highway

More than one Snowbird rental listing

You will also find the same Snowbird rental listings on more than one rental listing site, and not only that, but sometimes the rental rates for the same property vary depending on the listing site. We’re not quite sure why that is, but take advantage of it if the opportunity presents itself.

We have also found that as the years have gone by, folks are tending to firm up their rental properties earlier and earlier each year.

There was as a time when we could start looking after September and find many available properties for November on. Now, we start looking in May for the month of November in that year. We suspect that the spate of really cold and longer winters of late have driven up the desire to become a Snowbird, and that is putting pressure on the rental availability.

So here are a few suggestions to find rentals for Snowbirds:


VRBO stands for Vacation Rental By Owner, and it’s a site that we have used many times to zero in on rental facilities. The site is relatively easy to use and you can zero in right to the area you are interested in staying at. There is no charge for the user.

Tip: Over the years we believe that fewer and fewer VRBO renters keep their on line calendars up to date, so if we are interested in a property, we will use the contact form to reach out to them anyway, even if the calendar shows that the time slot is booked. We have found that many VRBO renters offer more than one property, and by reaching out on one, they invariably refer us to other listings they have that meet our criteria.

Here is the  VRBO website.


These folks may not be perceived as a source of Snowbird longer-term rentals since they are a Bed & Breakfast site, originally. However, depending on the renter, you sure can find some interesting properties for rent for months at a time.

Longer term renters – unless it’s just a room or two – will typically lose out on the breakfast side of things, yet since we always rent a facility with a full kitchen, that’s not an issue for us. Besides, some days, you just don’t want to get dressed to go to breakfast. Coffee, toast and a paper can all be enjoyed while in one’s bathrobe.

There’s an interesting story about how AirBnB got started. If you have interest, use your browser to search for the history of AirBnB.

Like other rental facilitators, the cost of using the service is paid for by the renter.

Here is their site: AIRBNB


If you haven’t heard of these folks, try their Snowbird rental listings when searching for your place in the sun.

When you get to their main page, scroll down a bit, and you will find a link to pages with vacation rentals. The downside is that there is limited search capability for specific locales, prices or residence specifics like numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.

The upside is you can get some really good deals, particularly later in the season, when regulator visitors south cannot go for one reason or another.

Like all on line Snowbird rentals, care must be taken to validate the rental.

Here’s KIJIJI’s website.

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June 21, 2021 5:35 pm

Good morning. I have a beautiful large 2 bedroom condo in St. Pete Beach that I intend to rent out this winter. Tried your link to listings, thinking I might post there, but it just took me to my Facebook home page. A number of Canadians already “snowbird” in other units at this property. Where might I best list my… Read more »

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