Snowbird Security Forces

There is no shortage of companies that offer private, user pay, snowbird security forces, thought the efficacy of their service will likely be predicated on where you are in the country.

Folks with rural homes may not find these services to be particularly effective. Reason being, even if the alarm is tripped, the security company may not respond at all, they may only alert the police, not wanting to drive any distance themselves to check out and alarm,  and the response time of the local police force can sometimes be measured in hours!

What good is a security service if no one responds to an alarm?Security guard -

In urban settings theses services can be effective, however. Many homeowners already subscribe to such services.. When they Snowbird off to their warmer home, they are comfortable in knowing that a nearby security force is monitoring their home, and may not even make any change in their home security other than, perhaps, alerting the security company that they will be away for an extended time period.

For a monthly fee, these security force provide and install hardware in the home that will alert them should a window be breached or a door forced open. Some even tie their service into the fire alarm or smoke detector so that the fire department can be alerted by them if the house, apparently, catches fire.

Other Snowbird Security Forces

Some security forces monitor the home for water damage, from storms or from water line breaks or sewer issues.

These additional services can even include two way communication. If the alarm is sounded the security company can speak to anyone in the home through their system speakers, and persons in the home can respond. Although, we cannot envisage a scenario where a burglar, busily gathering up your belongings, will take the time to have a chat with a security force!

Other snowbird security forces provide their own response vehicles should there be a security alarm from the home, though this service may not often available to rural homes and properties.

Hiring a security force provides the Canadian Snowbird with confidence that their at-home home is looked after should there be any issues while the Snowbird is away.

These Snowbird security forces are typically the most expensive form of Snowbird security, short of hiring an individual on your own to live in and monitor the home for you while you are away.

For the security conscious traveler with a significant budget, might be their best choice for their peace of mind. There are other options though. Consider wireless monitoring, for example?

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