Snowbird Security

Snowbird security is a very broad topic, yet concerning yourself with it is critical if you want to have worry free away time.

Reams of information is available from a host of sources about keeping safe when you are at your snowbird destination.

The Canadian government provides travel advice and travel advisories for Snowbirds and others, which is a useful source of country-specific information, particularly if you are traveling to destinations outside of North America.

See – Travel Advisories for more information from the Canadian government.

Yet the government travel advisories do not address the issue of your home.

What about security for your home when you are away?

To address this issue these pages focus on this aspect of Snowbird security for the home while you are off Snowbirding!

Here we’ll be talking about:

Home Insurance Concerns

The issues with Snowbird Security for the traveller’s at-home home is, what happens if something happens?

Will we be covered by our insurance policy?

Insurance companies want to know if a home they insure, and one that is left empty for extended periods of time, is being checked in on, on a fairly frequent basis.

A frozen home -

Image: frozen-home-interior-by-chris-larson –

For the home insurance company it is to ensure that if something untoward happens in or to the Snowbird’s home, that remedial action can be taken sooner rather than later, to reduce the potential damage to the home.

Of course, this reduces the amount of insurance dollars that may need to be spent to repair the home and can lessen the liability to the insurance company.

If you are leaving your home to fly south in the winter for any period of time, it’s our recommendation that you check with your house insurance company to determine what level of house monitoring they require in order to keep your insurance policy in good standing.

What our insurance company says

In our case, we need to have a walk-through at least once a week if – and this is important – we have turned off the water supply and drained the lines. If you home still has an active water supply, our insurance company requires us to have someone walk through the house on a DAILY basis during the winter, to ensure that if the heat goes off and the water pipes freeze, that when the heat comes back on, a broken pipe isn’t drowning our home.

Now we’ll talk a bit about Snowbird security forces, then wireless monitoring and neighbourhood watch.

The page about snowbird security forces starts here!

Here is information about wireless monitoring.

And here is information about neighbourhood watch.

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