Snowbird Travel Security

We are not talking about the availability of health care in the country of choice here. We are talking about your overall snowbird travel security. What the situation is “on the ground” in the country of choice.

For example, there are some South American countries that have tourist welcome areas. Stray outside of these areas, and you are at a great deal of risk. Armed persons can be found on corners, in convenience stores and gas stations. They wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t

The Canadian Consul and travel advisories recommend that Canadians don’t visit some countries, or if you must go, go with extreme care. Is this an environment where you want to spend 3-4 months every winter?

Not us, for sure.

That is why we’ve linked this page from Best Snowbird Destinations. Overall snowbird security is a paramount consideration for us, and we believe should be for you.

More to come…

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