Snowbird Vehicle Insurance

Snowbird vehicle insurance can be an issue.

Many of us drive to a southern destination as we are spending many weeks or even months there, and we will need a vehicle to get around.

Flying down instead of driving is appealing, yet if one is staying in a Snowbird destination for quite some time, that would mean renting a car, perhaps making that option prohibitively expensive for some.

Others make the journey part of the enjoyment and pilot their RV’s down the various interstates to the south, staying in RV parks with other like-minded Snowbirds.

Is your vehicle insurance going to stay valid?

As a Snowbird staying south for an extended time, and particularly if your insurance company has gone through mergers and acquisitions in the last few years, be aware that your insurance company may no longer insure your vehicle for a stay in the U.S. that exceeds thirty days.

Don’t assume that your vehicle insurance will cover you for an extended stay in the south, unless you contact your insurance carrier before you go, preferably via email, so you get their written confirmation that your vehicle insurance will be in place the whole time you are out of Canada.

I know I just did and am relieved to see that we’re OK. Is your vehicle insurance OK for lengthy stays in the U.S.? Do make sure, won’t you.

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Robert Swenson
Robert Swenson
February 11, 2020 5:03 pm

Does your auto insurance cover a vehicle that will stay in the US at our winter residence all year?

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