Some American Snowbirds are heading south soon!

Along with meeting lots of Canucks at our Florida Snowbird destination, we’ve met a lot of really nice American folks too. And, like many, we stay in touch with some of them over the summer months when they’d made their trek back to the upper states.

Further to my last post on the straw poll about who’s going south to Florida at their normal time, again, we’re surprised at how many of our U.S. friends are planning to head south at their normal time of the year?

Are we too conservative in Canada? Are Canadians somehow too concerned about Covid, while some of our friends south of the border don’t appear to be?

All we can do really is view the facts from afar, hope that some of the statistics pouring out of the U.S. are grounded in reality and are not under-playing the numbers and severity there (though I don’t see how it could be much worse) and make the call based on the facts. The stats in Florida shows that over the last 3 days there has been a significant trend upwards in cases there. Rats!

As a result, right now, the facts say don’t go. More on this as it unfolds.

Covid cases in Florida in September 2020

Covid cases in Florida in September 2020 Source: Fla Dept Health

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