Some snowbirds are still heading south this winter despite COVID-19.

Why some snowbirds are still heading south this winter despite COVID-19 and a closed land border.

Source: Sophia Harris · CBC News · Posted: Sep 30, 2020

Ms Harris goes on to relate the story of a woman who has been a Snowbird for years, and because of that, has no permanent residence in Canada at all to which she can go for the winter here. She pretty much has to go south for the winter, otherwise, she has no place to live.

I never thought of that. I wonder how many Canadian Snowbirds flock to the south each year because their lifestyle choice does not include owning a home or renting somewhere in Canada at all?

We, on the other hand, are part of this cohort: “A significant portion of them are in a holding pattern, just to see what shakes out at the land border,” said spokesperson Evan Rachkovsky of The Canadian Snowbird Association in this same CBC story.

For the lady in the story however, she says;

I will take the risk because I know how to protect myself, and everybody — at least in my resort — follows the rules,” she said. “I’m more concerned about falling off my bicycle than I am of COVID.


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