Straw poll of Covid response?

We have a number of Canadian friends that we met in and through our Snowbird village in Florida. That’s the beauty of going to the same place in Florida each year (or any other Snowbird destination I expect). When you meet folks from your Canadian neck of the woods each season in Florida, a lot of them then become friends in Canada too with the new relationship carrying on in both countries. Neat.

Anyway, we asked a bunch of them recently what their Snowbird plans were for the upcoming winter. The typical travel period for them is between November this year and late March or April in 2021 and we expected that they, like us, are postponing planning until the situation clarifies.

A surprise to us… they are heading south!

An overcast Florida sky in March... but it's warm!

They are heading south!

These three couples all have cars in Florida, so they can fly down. And they are doing so. One couple is flying down in late October, and the others are airborne to Florida in November. A surprise to us, for sure, given the relatively scary stats about Covid coming out of the Florida Health people.

We’re drivers, not being in a position to leave a car in Florida. For us then the discussion is still moot as we cannot drive to Florida right now even if we wanted to as the border to the U.S. is still closed except for business (trucks, transport etc).

We wouldn’t be driving south until mid-November in a normal year. Even without Covid we wouldn’t have been going down to Florida until after the end-of-November this year, that decision due to the circus we expect to arrive throughout the U.S. in late November. Covid adds a significant element of risk on top of the election there.

With friends heading down before us, they will unwittingly become our canaries in the coal mine. We hope that they arrive safely, and stay safe during their stay. But if they don’t, and the issue that threatens their health turns out to be Covid, that’s warning to us to stay home. And we will.

Your thoughts on this? Are you heading to your Snowbird destination during November / December 2020?

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