The rate of people in Florida that tested positive increased from 4.22% to 5.01%

From September 15 through September 28, 2020, based on the thousands of tests performed in Florida during that period, over 5% of those tested did test positive for Covid 19.

Source: and Florida Dept. of Health

The article goes on to say that the percentage exhibiting Covid symptoms is trending upwards, and has exceeded 7% of those tested on some days. I don’t know how many tests were performed, but I do know, based on the article, that on one Monday in this period, over 70,000 persons were tested.

These are the results of the test performed BEFORE the governor of Florida decided to open all bars a restaurants last week. Oh my.

Friends living at our village in Florida were kind enough to send a photo of our front garden with our mandevilla in full bloom. We miss our Florida home, and sure hope that we will get there in the winter of 2020/2021.

Our Florida village home

Our Florida village home looking very lonely without the owners being present.

No choice but to wait and see.

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