The real toll in Florida from the current Covid 19 escalation.

A few days ago I posted about how sad I was that I really didn’t believe the “rosier” statistics coming from the Florida Dept. of Health showing reducing Covid cases in the U.S. given that there had been additional, Covid-prevention-free business openings throughout Florida within the last few weeks.

As could be expected, the opening up of bars and restaurants has resulted in an ever increasing daily count of new Covid victims now showing up in the stats.

But the real toll, over and above the numbers of newly infected is the deaths. Almost 100 people have died from Covid and Covid related health threats in Florida in the last week. A 100 dead, just in Florida.

The refusal of the head of the U.S. government to formulate a federal-level, nation-wide and effective response to this worldwide thread is appalling. To me, it’s almost as if the federal government of the U.S. wants everyone to get it.

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